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Case Studies

E-commerce Website Creation

Case Study - AustralianJobFinder.com

Tasks Included:

  • Building an E-commerce webiste to accurate specifications built on a CMS framework
  • Creating a custom website theme in line with W3C XHTML and CSS standards
  • Implementation of a reporting system to allow users and staff a like to monitor the progress of job applications

SEO & PPC Campaign

Case Study - CaringForOrchids.net

Tasks Included:

  • In-depth keyword research to determine blog structure and content focus
  • Testing market viability using a PPC AdWords campaign
  • Implementing SEO link building texhniques and methodologies to rank on thw 1st page of Google

Website Re-design

Case Study - SpaBathroomsAndTiles.co.uk

Tasks Included:

  • Re-creating the home page to look the same as the original whilst adhering to XHTML standards as defined by W3C
  • Optimisation of images to increase the site load times
  • Correction of deprecated CSS styles

Website Usability

Case Study - Teach-YourselfSpanish.com

Tasks Included:

  • Implementing techniques to reduce the bounce rate of the site
  • Editing the layout of the website to aid usability
  • On-site optimisation to increase the relevance of the website within the search engine results