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As an SEO legend you no doubt understand how important it is to stay on top of your game and retain your legendary status. Therefore knowing the latest and greatest tools being used and discovered in the industry is absolutely vital. As you are aware there are those with such a keen eye for detail and experience with SEO techniques that we cannot help but refer to them as legends; SEO legends!

These legends are an invaluable source of information, news and resources as they have built up their network of high quality sources usually over a number of years. Now we all know that like attracts like and therefore in order to find these SEO legends you too must be a little bit of a legend. Luckily I believe in you. So where does Delicious come into this?

First let me say that Delicious is only an example but this may work with numerous other social bookmaking sites however I like Delicious. OK, getting started you need to at least know of some useful SEO resources and bookmark these in Delicious. If you are not using social bookmarking already then you’re seriously missing out.

Now that you have a number of useful tools and articles bookmarked Delicious will show you a count for the number of people who have bookmarked the same pages. What you are looking for here are the best resources with the lowest bookmark count. This is going to narrow you down you selection from the SEO pro’s to the SEO legends.

For example take the following set of Link Building Tools from Ontolo. This is a nice little tool set including a neat Link Building Query Generator you can use to generate a number search queries designed to find specific types of link sources. See Never Run Out of Link Sources with These Advanced Search Operators for more information about these types of queries.

Currently this set of tools from Ontolo is only bookmarked by 46 SEO legends on Delicious. Taking a look through these we soon realise we’re on the right track when we see Tom Critchlow , an SEO legend from Distilled in the UK, appear as someone who has bookmarked this link. We can therefore assume that the other Delicious users to bookmark this link know their stuff well enough to potentially have some other useful and rather obscure SEO tools stashed away. Let’s take a look.

One of the other users is nadirg (who’s probably not too keen on me linking to all of his/ her resources but we all know SEO legends like you would of found him/her eventually). A quick look through this users bookmarks and we come across a number of useful tools, as well as realising that nadirg is a big electro and disco fan!

Free Keyword Niche Finder is a great tool for creating keyword lists and is a good find if you weren’t aware of this tool before. Also nadirg has bookmarked a post entitled Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection which has some really useful, if slightly old, tools that anyone getting into SEO could make use of.

You never know what you’re going to find but if we did a little deeper we find Excellent Analytics a free to download plugin that hooks your Excel spreadsheet up to Google Analytics. Try using the tags in combination in order to narrow in on the resources you are looking for. In this example I used nadirg’s seo and tools tags in combination to find these great resources.

Now that you have your pass into the world of an SEO legend don’t stop there! Look through this users bookmarks for other useful tools or resources that have only been bookmarked a few times and repeat the process. Also take a look at the users network, if not set to private, which will provide you with other legends of the SEO scene. Remember if this is a true SEO legend you will want to add them to your network in order to keep yourself updated with any new tools and resources they find.

Finally if you want to make sure that you aren’t giving away all your best resources to wannabe SEO legends set these bookmarks to private and your competitive edge will be safe and secure.


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