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How Can Social Media Help SEO?

The following is a guest post by my good friend and SEO specialist Saurav Rimal.

I don’t know ask the social media expert! I am just kidding. I have tried explaining to many that social media does not play a big part in SEO directly but indirectly it can play a huge role. Social media and SEO can work well together if you have a strong framework and strategy in place.

How Social Media Can Help SEO

Find Your Target Audience

Use social media channels to track the behaviours of your target audience. Several companies track their users and customers through social media channels to figure out their preferences.

In my opinion Google is heading that way as well!

What Are Your Goals?

You need to have a goal, which you want to achieve from your campaign. Goals are normally achieved through marketing but social media is not direct marketing so you need to have different tactics. Once you set your goals you need a plan to execute your campaign.

Game Plan – E.G. Competitions

Many SEOs are always looking for ways to run competition for their clients because there is the potential for links and traffic to get from this and frankly they use social media channels and competition sites to spread the word.

Social Media Connection

Having an account doesn’t mean you are using social media; you need to interact and create some kind of connection with the people in your industry. If you do that then it will bring in the audience.

  • Social media connection can bring you relevant traffic, content and possibly links too
  • Another thing you can use social media network for is keyword research
  • Interact with people in your social channel that is how you increase your reputation along with your clients

Social Media for Traffic and Links


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